Current Trades In Progress

These are the items that I have traded up for specific National Geographic magazine issues. Now these items are available to be traded up for something Bigger & Better. Look at each item and see if there is anything you like. If you have any questions about any of the trades in progress, don't hesitate to contact me. Please tell your friends, family, neighbors and even your co-workers what I am trying to do and send them to this website. Thanks!


August 1966
traded for "Nick-Knack


"Nick-Knacks/collectable's"–I am not a nick-knack/collectable type of guy but I am sure there are plenty of people in the world who are. This collection consists of a Butterfly digital clock, an eggplant tea pot, Honey pot?, (I'm a I'm not too sure what it is), (2) pewter(?) palm tree votive candle holders that have been traded, cute teddy mug (great gift!), ketchup/salt/napkin salt&pepper shakers. I am willing to trade these items individually!


May 1983
traded for one leather military map case

A compact 8.5 X 11” when closed, slide the enclosure strap up and out of the reinforced metal bracket and the case first opens to a reveal a panel with pockets for your compass and pencils, plus a pocket that easily accommodates a thick stack of road maps or your travel journal.


One leather military
map case
traded for
a Brand New "Mr. Beer" beer making kit!

Mr Beer

Mr Beer

Brand New "Mr. Beer"
Beer Making Kit!

This is a brand new, never used, kit! It
includes all of the following:
2 Gallon Brew Keg
Standard Brew Pack—includes hopped malt extract (beer mix), Booster™, dry brewing yeast and One-Step™ sanitizing cleanser.
8 Plastic 1-Liter Bottles-complete with screw caps and labels.

Everything you need to make your first batch of homemade beer!

This was a "Boomerang Trade"! See
what a "Boomerang Trader" is in the
"Meet The Swappers" Section.

Love the water? Got a boat?
Get yourself a couple of kneeboards!

I got to see my 12-year-old son use a kneeboard for the first time this summer
(our neighbor bought a boat and took us out on it). He was a natural!

These kneeboards are used but are in good condition!


Find out why Shaun wanted to trade me these kneeboards for the Mr. Beer kit
in the "Meet The Swappers" Section.


May 1980

May 1980
traded for Titanic
Tin print

12.5" X 17.25”





This is a Treasure Craft
Collectible Cookie Jar with
decorative cookie tins!

I do not know much about collectible cookie jars, but as far as I know this one has it all. It's simple, yet elegant, without being too cute! The lid has a dual purpose. The first is to keep any cookies inside fresh. The second is to make noise when it is put back on, alerting those not on a diet that someone just snuck a cookie. The best thing about electronic parts to wear out.

The tins are close friends of the cookie jar! Best friends from what I hear! They are a bonus!

Find out why Dave and Ali wanted to trade this cookie jar in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


June 1985


June 1985 &
September 1980

traded for (2) Framed "African" Masks

New, still in original package. Each frame measures 10"X12"

African pictures


Oct 1945

October 1945
traded for one brand new, never used, pink, Gaiam Yoga Essentials® Mat


Yoga Mat

Gaiam Yoga Essentials® Mat traded for a set of 3 bar stools

Set of (3) black vinyl/chrome
bar stools

They are used but in
decent condition!

One stool has a little bit of rust and doesn't swivel as well as the others, but as you can see, they look great!

Find out why Molly wanted to trade me the stools for the yoga mat in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Bar Stool


October 1981
traded for the complete paperback
set of the Chronicles of Narnia

All 7 books.


Complete paperback
set of the Chronicles of Narnia
traded for a Dragon Lamp.

This is by far the most interesting
item I have traded for yet!


A Dragonfly Lamp

This is a very colorful Dragonfly Lamp! My photo doesn't do it justice!

It's just like one of those green banker's desk lamps but not as stuffy! This has a lot of character and color, and fits nicely on a corner table or on your desk!

Check out where I met Brandy to make the trade in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


March 1996

March 1996
traded for a plaque Stating the "Rules of the House"



Traded this "Rules of the House" Plaque for a rainstick.

YES!!!! It's a Rainstick! This is sooo much fun!


A rainstick is a long, hollow tube which is filled with small pebbles or beans and has small pins or thorns arranged helically on its inside surface. When the stick is upended, the pebbles fall to the other end of the tube, making a sound reminiscent of a rainstorm as they bounce off the pins. They have become very popular in the last 200 years, and is often sold to tourists.

The rainstick is believed to have been invented in Chile, and was played in the belief that it could bring about rainstorms. Rainsticks are usually made from any of several species of cactus. The cacti, which are hollow, are dried by the sun. The spines are removed, and driven back into the cactus, like nails. Pebbles or other small objects are placed inside the rainstick, and the ends are sealed off. A sound like falling water is made when the rainstick has its direction changed to a vertical position.

Brandon is a "Boomerang" trader. I traded Brandon the "Rules of the House" for this "Rainstick". Find out why Brandon wanted to trade the Rainstick in the "Meet The Swappers" section.

Variety of Auto Mechanic's Tools

One thing I definitely know about myself is that I am NOT auto mechanic. I took "shop" in high school and did work on a variety of cars. But to be honest, I was clueless and had no idea what I was doing...but I did get an "A" in all the classes!

I traded Chuck a Musical Rainstick for all of these tools.

I would like to be able to trade one item for all of these tools, but I will consider trading them individually, but they definitely would need to be Bigger & Better!

Air Hammer

Air Hammer

Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Brake Pliers

Brake Spring Pliers

Compression Tester

Compression Tester

Steering Wheel Puller

Steering Wheel Puller


Professional Rivot Fastener

Timing Light

Timing Light

Hand Vacuum

Hand Vacuum System





The Palm Tree Votive Candles have been traded for this very cute collectable bear bud vase.


Cute Collectable Bear Bud Vase with
Bonus Egg-Shaped Candles

I thought this Cute Collectable Beard Bud Vase was a candle holder, until I was corrected. Turns out you can put a couple of beautiful flowers in it.

Bonus: 6-pack of egg shaped candles.


March 1977

March 1977 was traded for these brand new, never been used (6) orange sports cones

These are great for just about any sports training exercise.

The Sports Cones were traded!


Trek Mountain Bike

This is an pre-owned, ladies-youth, 18-speed, 24-inch, Trek "Mountain Track" mountain bike! Good condition! Great for getting to school, mall or just to go to a friend's house. Make me an offer!

Meet "Amy" and find out why she wanted to trade this bike in the Meet "The Swappers" section.



This is a pre-owned lariat. I do not know anything about them other than I know that cowboy's use them with horses and cattle (I'm a city boy!)

Besides the obvious use with horses and cattle this lariat would also make a great wall decoration if you decorate in a Western motif.


The Lariat Rope was traded

This lariat was donated by Kelly from BBQ Bob's in Loveland and I would love to trade it up for something you have to offer! Check out how I met Kelly in the Meet "The Swappers" section and see how you can get a 10% discount the next time you go into BBQ Bob's in the Sponsor's Showcase section.



The Magna Mountain Bike was traded!

This is an pre-owned, men's-youth, 12-speed, 24-inch, Magna "Glacier Point" mountain bike! Great condition! Great for getting to school, mall or just to go to a friend's house. Make me an offer!

Meet "Amy" and find out why she wanted to trade this bike in the Meet "The Swappers" section

Sears Craftsman 230 Amp Stick Welder


welder panelweld switch

This Sears Craftsman 230-amp stick or arc welder might look a little on the used side, but I assure you it has been thoroughly checked over and I guarantee it works!

I don't know how to use one, but I have included the welder information panel above to show the different power settings. Additionally, I have included the model information above as well for those of you that actually understand the technical information.

In fact, I have proof. I had my neighbor, Gene, the "handiest" Handy Man I know check it out for me! (He's the only one I know with 220 running in his garage, plus he knows how to use it as well.)

Here is a video of Gene operating the arc welder:

Trading this Sears Craftsman stick/arc welder for a mountain bike was a big surprise for Dakota. Find out why and meet Dakota in the Meet "The Swappers" section.



One massage
for the cause!

Diana M. Rosenburg, Certified Massage Therapist, has donated (1) one-hour deep tissue massage. ($55 value)

Check out how I know Diana in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Diana M. Rosenburg
Certified Massage Therapist

  • Specializing in pain, tension and stress relief.
  • Use of therapeutic essential oils
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Over 25 years experience

Massage BC

Holy Cow!
I Traded My Mother-In-Law Away for a Cool Power Tool!

How many guys can say that they traded their mother-in-law away for a power tool. I dare to say only me!

Drill Press1

Helen traded this drill press for an hour-long massage from my mother-in-law. Meet Helen and find out why she wanted to trade me this drill press for a massage in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Digital Sony HandyCam DCR-DVD305

Sony Camera

Technical Details

  • 1/5.5-inch CCD imager with 1.0-megapixel resolution
  • Compatible with DVD-R/-RW/+RW formats
  • 12x optical zoom with digital image stabilization
  • 2.7-inch high-resolution touch-panel Swivel Screen LCD display rotates up to 270 degrees for multiple viewing angles
  • Dolby digital 5.1ch audio recording

Capture powerful sound and sharp images direct to DVD with the DCR-DVD305 Handycam camcorder. Built for serious recording, the DCR-DVD305 comes with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens for creating superior quality images. Featuring high-resolution imaging with an 1.0 Megapixel Advanced HAD CCD imager, you can take not only sharp digital video, but also detailed digital still photographs. You can record Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel surround sound with supplied microphone to make watching your movies like a visit to the theater.

Other features include Super NightShot Infrared System to help record in low light situations. See the bigger picture with the 2.7" Hybrid SwivelScreen LCD display with touch panel capabilities. Best of all, you capture digital videos directly to DVD for the ultimate in recording convenience. It includes ports for A/V, USB 2.0 and DC-IN. Other features of this camcorder include Color Slow Shutter, NS Light, Super NightShot Plus, NightShot Plus, Fader, Digital Effect and Picture Effect.

Includes accessories such as a
Battery Charger, 2 batteries (one is standard and the other is an extended battery), External Mic that records Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and handy remote!


Includes (9) 30-minute DVD+RW discs and
(20) 30-minute DVD-R discs.


I even have all the paperwork and manuals.


I traded Gene, my great neighbor, the Drill Press for this pre-owned Sony Digital
Handycam and accessories. See the incredible handmade pens Gene makes with a drill press
in the Meet "The Swappers" section or the Sponsor's Showcase section.


Feb 1965

February 1965
traded for a beautiful "Starving Artist's Oil Painting


An Original Painting By R. Telson!


This is a beautiful landscape oil painting complete with a wooden frame!
It measures approximately 23"X19".

I have never heard of the artist, R. Telson, but his work is reminiscent
of the late Bob Ross, complete with a happy little stream and bold, beautiful trees.

This is a nice painting that would look good in just about
any room, even a bathroom.

Read about my visit with Nancy and David in the Meet "The Swappers" section. They really impressed me!

Magnavox DVD Player with
Universal Remote.

It also includes 51 DVDs.
See list of DVDs below.

DVD PlayerRemote



Children’s Movies

Exercise/Health & Wellness

Cartoon/Japanese Anime




This DVD player with Universal Remote along with a cornucopia of 51 DVDs would be a great gift for someone who loves movies, especially with the winter months approaching!

I traded Brandon the oil painting for this "Movie Jackpot". Find out why Brandon wanted to trade the DVD player and movies in the "Meet The Swappers" section.


July 1967
traded for this beautiful "Rose" poster in a metal frame.


Beautiful "Rose" poster in a metal frame!

Are you in love? Do you want to show it? Hang this on your wall or give it as a gift! This beautiful poster is framed in a sturdy bluish/grey metal frame. Trade me for the poster or trade it for the frame. Either way you get both. The frame measures 24.5"X 30.5". The poster measures 22"X28". The frame also has a glass front! Excellent condition! I traded Nancy for this poster.

Read about my visit with Nancy and David in the Meet "The Swappers" section. And see why they really impressed me!


Feb 1969

February 1969
traded for
(5) halogen flood light track lighting system



(5) halogen flood light track lighting system

Tired of darkrooms? Want to highlight some pictures on a wall. Need more light in the garage? I did. I put a track lighting system in my garage so I can see better when I am working in it! I pointed one light at my freezer with the interior light out, and the rest at my workbench and throughout the garage. Best decision I ever made for the garage!

Read about my visit with Nancy and David in the Meet "The Swappers" section and see the train tracks in their front yard!

(3) Adjust-A-Grate Window Well Safety ladders


Window well safety ladders are a great safety feature that you should have on all your window wells! In fact, homes build today are required by code to have them! Trying to get out of a window well when the house is on fire can be tough...especially if you are injured!

For your own safety and your family's, consider trading me for these Adjust-A-Grate window well safety ladders! Find out why Jeffrey wanted to trade me for the track lighting in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


July 1967

July 1967
traded for
a Paper Shredder!


Paper Shredder complete with catch-all container!

Paper Shredder

Paper Shredder2

Take steps to help prevent Identity Theft with this Paper shredder! If you aren't shredding your bills, financial statements, or any other personal information, you could be inviting ID theft! Don't take any chances start shredding your documents. Trade me for peace of mind!

Read about my visit with Nancy and David in the Meet "The Swappers" section and see the train tracks in their front yard!

Paper Shredder traded for (2) Eddie Bauer Walnut Shadow Box/Keepsake Frames!

(2) Eddie Bauer Walnut
Shadow Box/Keepsake Frames



These walnut Keepsake/Shadow Box wooden frames are great for showcasing all those little knick-knacks!

Each frame measures 16"X20"X4" and can be hung horizontally or vertically! They are beautiful and in excellent shape!

This was a "Boomerang Trade"! See what a "Boomerang Trader" is in the "Meet The Swappers" Section


I traded one of the Eddie Bauer Shadow boxes for a espresso machine. It was a good trade offer! I still have one available!

(1) Eddie Bauer Walnut
Shadow Box/Keepsake Frame

Shadow Box

Meet Darla and find out why she made me a double trade offer I couldn't refuse in the "Meet The Swappers" Section.

GE Espresso Machine

cappuccino machinecappuccino machine

cappuccino machine

MMMM...Save some money and make your own espressos in the comfort of your own home! Become your own favorite barista or maybe even your neighbor's!

This stainless steel espresso maker not only lets you make a delicious cup of espresso but the steam nozzle means you can convert it easily into a cappuccino.

I was able to locate a manual online for it. hopefully this will answer any questions you might have about it.

Here is the manual.


Donated Freebie Traded!

Ab Lounge® Sport.

Check out what "J" looks like in the Meet "The Swappers" section!

Ab Lounger

Stamina Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike R360S

Recumbent bike

Brandon is a "Boomerang" trader. I traded Brandon the "Ab Lounge Sport®" for this "Stamina Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike". Find out why Brandon wanted to trade the exercise bike in the "Meet The Swappers" section.

See what I traded the Recumbent Bike for Below!

WOW! It's a VINTAGE Ken and Allan (Barbie's Friends) Dolls—Complete with Vintage 1962 Ken Vinyl Rally Day Barbie Ponytail Carrying Case and Wardrobe!

Ken Allan Barbie CaseKen BarbieAllen Barbie

These Ken and Allan "Barbie Dolls" are Vintage.
They come with this wonderful Ken Vinyl Ralley Day Barbie Ponytail Carrying Case
with (2) "Dresser Drawers" and "Closet Bar" to hang the clothes up on. The case is in fair condition, with some of the vinyl being cracked on the edges.
The clothes are in great condition and keep Ken and Allan looking stylish
and ready for a nigh tout on the town!

Ken Barbie CaseKen Clothes

The clothes below are "one of a kind"!
I guarantee you, no one else has these set of clothes as these were handmade
by Mark's "Aunt Marydean". She did a great job making them!

Ken Clothes 2

These are close-ups of Ken (on the left) and Allan (on the right).
As you can see, for men that are 50 years old, they are looking fit, trim,
and in great shape...all of us should look so good at 50!

For the record, Ken is typical of most men over 50. He is losing his hair.
Now, I know it looks like he may have tried that spray on hair stuff,
but when you are an American Icon like Ken and you are dating one of the
most beautiful and well-know women in the world, Barbie,
(she is definitely one hot chili momma!), you tend to get a little insecure about your looks.

As far as I know, his hair loss is due to normal wear and tear and the
black residue is from the original hair when it was applied. If you are a
collector, 'I would be willing to bet you know someone capable of
restoring Ken's hair to it's original condition.


This trade was "highly unusual" for me for several reasons.
Meet Mark and read about what was so unusual about our trade
in the Meet "The Swappers" section


October 1945

October 1945
traded for a
Nintendo Gamecube with 1 wavebird controller, Zelda Wind
Waker, Super Mario Sunshine, Lego Star Wars 2, Memory card, and carrying bag



"Farthest Trade" yet and "The Most Excellent Trade"!

This trade came all the way from Minnesota. Check out Alex and why he wanted to trade me for the October 1945 issue in Meet "The Swappers" section!


This is Sooo Cool!

This is a special edition promotional Dr. Pepper Standing Cooler on wheels!

Picture this baby gracing your deck during your next outdoors party. Not only is it styling, but it will keep the bevies (beverages for those of you who do not speak slang) ice cold. Plus, IT WILL be a conversation piece!

It is in EXCELLENT condition! This awesome cooler is just like any other cooler but it also comes with a bottle opener and bottle cap catcher and a twistable drain cap in the back to help drain all the water out after the party.The wheels will lock to keep it from rolling away. If there is any drawback to this elegant cooler, it is that the decals are starting to come off. If that is a problem you can always strip them off!

P. S. the inside is immaculate and white.
No rust stains!

See more on this Dr. Pepper Promotional Cooler
on my
Trade Video page:

This was an unusual trade. See what was so unusual about it and see if you can decipher if Tony/Toni is a man or a woman. Check out Tony/Toni in the Meet "The Swappers" section

Professional Design Services!

Attention budding entrepreneurs and business owners!

Every business owner knows that their business success depends on getting their name and message out to their current and potential customers. Professional design is key!


Jessica Marshall, Professional Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, has traded her design skills and experience for the Promotional Standing Dr. Pepper Cooler!

She has offered any 3 of the following:

  • Logo (a color version and a black & white version)
  • Business Card (single sided or double sided, color or black & white)
  • Flyer (single sided or double sided, color or black & white)
  • Brochure (color or black & white)
  • Letterhead (color and black & white)
  • Postcard (color or black and white)
  • Special print design request (ie: signage)

If you are in need of any of the above Professional Design Services, trade me! Trade me your services or business products or if you anything that is bigger and better! ($200-$500 value)

(See her work samples here)

Find out more about Jessica in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


October 1970
traded for a
Authentic, Hand-Made, Navajo Indian, Sterling Silver, #8 Spiderweb Turquoise Ring.

Authentic, Hand-Made, Navajo Indian, Sterling Silver, #8 Spiderweb Turquoise Ring.

This trade came from Arizona!

The ring is signed and made by Augustine Largo, a silversmith living near Shiprock on the reservation in New Mexico.  The turquoise is #8 spiderweb from the legendary mine of the same name that ceased production about 40 years ago in Nevada.  The Indians love this the lacey pattern of matrix in this turquoise and were the ones to first name it 'spiderweb.'  There's very little of this  turquoise available.  It's in the hands of several traders who market a small amount every couple of years or so.  The price always goes up. Size 8.

See more on this turquoise ring
on my
Trade Video page:

For more information on this ring, please read the following: cocopah.pdf

If you like this ring and want to see more jewelry, please visit the Cocopah online store at
Tell them that you saw one of their rings on

Meet Ann and find out why she wanted to trade me for the October 1970 issue in Meet "The Swappers" section!


April 1984

April 1984
traded for this Large Stuffed Red Gorilla!


Large Stuffed Red Gorilla!

Cute! Adorable! Cuddly! What else describes this lovable large stuffed Red Gorilla? He/she is about 24" inches (2ft.) high. Trade me for this big primate and put a smile on someone you love!

Meet Ali in the Meet "The Swappers" section, and find out how I know her and why she wanted the April 1984 National Geographic issue.


January 1969

January 1969 was traded for these (5) Pocket Knives!

(5) Sharp Pocket Knives–Bryan Adams would be proud of this trade!

Bryan Adams is a Canadian born rock star that gained popularity in the early 80's with a song titled "Cuts Like A Knife." And that is exactly what these do...cut like a knife!

They're sharp! They're handy! They're versatile!

They come in a variety of sizes!

Trade me for these great knives.

Keep one in the garage on your tool bench to cut those pesky boxes apart for recycling.

Keep one in the kitchen in the "junk" drawer for when you need to cut something.

Keep one handy in your pocket for those incidentals! (like cleaning your fingernails...highly not recommended or even suggested by the way)

Put one in your tackle box for when you go fishing!

A couple of them can even be key chains!

Keep in mind Christmas is coming and what boy doesn't like a pocket knife?

Find out why Vern wanted to trade these pocket knives for the January 1969 issue in the Meet "The Swappers" section.



June 1987
was traded for this car/camper/mobile home cigarette lighter coffee maker.

Make your own coffee on the road!

This compact and fully portable little coffee maker is perfect for car camping, long drives, or commutes to work. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter or other 12-volt power supply, and you're ready to brew. If you live life on the road in a camper/RV or any other way where you have a cigarette lighter and not a regular outlet, this
is what you need!

Darla went decaffeinated by trading me a espresso machine and this coffee maker. Find out more about Darla and why she wanted the June 1987 National Geographic issue in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Coffee Maker




ADAX Traveler's Wallet


This soft leather travel wallet keeps you going in style. Travel wallet has 8 pockets for credit/debit cards or hotel key cards, a windowed ID card pocket, and pockets for plane tickets, traveler's checks, and passport. Even better it zips closed to keep all your valuables securely inside. Made in Denmark from Danish materials.

This item was donated to me by Ryan. Check out why Ryan donated this item to me in the Meet "The Swappers" section.




Monster iCarPlay iPod FM Transmitter/Charger


The iCarPlay Wireless 250 is designed to let you play your iPod or iPhone music in any car by sending a wireless audio signal that plays over the FM radio. Just connect the iCarplay Wireless 250 to your iPod or iPhone and plug the power adapter into your car's cigarette lighter outlet. Tune the iCarPlay Wireless 250 and the radio to the same FM frequency, and turn up the music. Now everyone in the car can enjoy iPod tunes through the car's speaker system.

This item was donated to me by Ryan. Check out why Ryan donated this item to me in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


November 1971

November 1971
was traded for this Nike fastpitch softball bat.

Swing Away!

This softball bat is a home run in any game! This near new Nike Show Fast Pitch softball bat is ready when you are. Molly bought it thinking she might play softball 10 years ago but never used it.

Molly told me a great story why she wanted to trade me this softball bat for the November 1971 NG issue. I'll give you a "hint", the penguin was not the only one at home in the snow. Meet Molly and read about why she wanted this particular issue in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Nike softball bat

Nike Softball bat

Nike softball bat



Donated by my Mom!
A Microwave Cart

Microwave cart

Pump Up Your Heart and Execise for Better Health
with a Weslo Cadence 930 Treadmill!

  • Adjustable speed (up to 10mph)
  • Power incline/decline
  • Digital readout
  • Fold-up design
  • Measure distance
  • Track time

This is an easy to use treadmill! Great for any one looking to get into shape or maintain their shape. It doesn't take up a lot of room as it folds up and locks into place for safety. Additionally, it includes a safety key that you wear while using it. Should you fall/trip or pass out from running your first marathon on the treadmill the safety key will disengage from the treadmill and immediately stop the tread.

Scott wanted to trade me this treadmill for the microwave cart. Find out why in the Meet "The Swappers" section.





Like any Mom, my mother is very proud of me and wants to encourage me and see me succeed in my fulfilling my dreams. With that said, she had donated some items for to trade!

Authentic 16-piece Japanese Tea Set

This is an authentic Japanese tea set that is obviously from Japan. My Mom used to keep it in a china hutch in our dining room when I was growing up. It's not my cup of tea, but maybe it is yours. As you can see, this tea set has the traditional legendary raised painted dragon on the sides of each piece as well as on the saucers.

Grn Tea Set

Grn Tea PotGrn Saucer

This item was donated by my mother. Meet my Mom in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Yet another 4-piece Japanese Tea Set

This is an another authentic Japanese tea set. I have no clue what the symbols say/mean. For the record, this tea set has a chip in it's top lip. Barely noticable, but none the less there. I have circled it in the last photo.

Tea Set

Tea Cupcrack

This item was donated by my mother. Meet my Mom in the Meet "The Swappers" section.



Beautiful Wine Glasses

These beautiful wine glasses are brand new, never used. They still have the sticker from The Pottery Barn! They are not your typical wimpy wine glasses, they are pieces of art that have the audacity to look great while holding a generous amount of wine. They have no preference if they hold a red, white or full-bodied blush. They just want to be wanted! Great for a gift! Think wedding or birthday for that special someone!

wine glasses


Health Rider Cardio Glide

Stay in great shape with the HealthRider Cardio Glide. Its unique patented linkage system uses your body weight as resistance to deliver a low-impact, calorie-burning workout in just minutes a day. Also features a rotating handlebar and dual pedal positions that let you focus on different muscles for different workouts.

Find out why my friend Becki donated this to me in the Meet "The Swappers" section.

Health Rider


Commemorative 2008 Beijing Olympics Collectible Coins

Hard to find coin set "Fuwa", Games Mascots – Bring Dreams and Wishes to You. The coins are gold coated copper, 40 millimeters diameter, all in original protection boxes.

The set is in the original box and comes with a Chinese Certificate. 80,000 sets have been issued, as they were mostly presents for selected people not many sets are found at the market. …Each medallion of a diameter of 40 millimetres ( gold – plated copper ) carries respectively "Beibei", Jingjing", "Huanhuan", "Yingying", "Nini" – Prosperity, Happiness, Passion, Health and Good Luck….. …advanced technique, this set carries an anti-counterfeit label……serial numbered." Each coin is encased in plastic.

Pier gave these coins to me to help me out...Find out more about Pier in Meet "The Swappers" section.

Brass Anchor Boat Bell!

This is a Brass Anchor Boat Bell with a great ring to it.

If you love bells or boats this is just the bell for you.
You can use this outside to call everyone in for meals, or hang inside for decoration around your basement bar to ring in the tips. However you want to use this bell, I am willing to trade for it! This bell was donated by my friend Tim. Find out more about Tim in the
Meet "The Swappers" section.

Brass BellBrass Bell

6-panel, White Room Divider Screen (good condition)

This 6-panel, white room divider screen folds out to a full 8.5 feet, but you are going to want to fold each panel in a little so it stands up. Each panel measures 17-inches across and 70.25 inches tall. This screen is great for any room you want to block or divide off. If you have a small office area...add some privacy. Have some "stuff" you want to hide from plain sight, hide it behind this screen. The uses for this screen are only limited by your imagination! (minor blemishes)


(3) Adjust-A-Grate Window Well
Safety ladders


Window well safety ladders are a great safety feature that you should have on all your window wells! In fact, homes build today are required by code to have them! Trying to get out of a window well when the house is on fire can be tough...especially if you are injured!

For your own safety and your family's, consider trading me for these Adjust-A-Grate window well safety ladders!

Find out why Jeffrey wanted to trade me for the room divider in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


(2) Adjust-A-Grate Window Well Safety ladders traded!


I traded 2 of the 5 Adjust-A-Grate Window Well Ladders for a Minoura Mag 500


Minoura Mag 500 Bike Trainer

When you’re a cyclist that’s trying to maintain the absolute highest physical fitness that you can achieve, you can’t afford to be slowed down by the weather. When it looks too ugly outside to ride, you need an alternative that goes beyond what stationary bikes supply, to keep your workout going under any circumstances. The best possible option is going to be a Minoura bike trainer. This type of device will enable you to convert your road bike, into a stationary cycle so that you can get the workout you crave, at the top level in which you need to stay in shape.

This bike trainer is in great shape. Only used a couple of times by Helen. This is Helen's 2nd trade with me. Find out why she traded the bike trainer for 2 of the window well ladders in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


March 1977

April 1977 was traded all
the way to Amsterdam
in The Netherlands for these
two wooden puzzles

(2) Wooden Puzzles

Wooden Puzzle

Wooden puzzle

Learn more about Amsterdam and Anneke and find out why Anneke wanted to trade me for the April 1977 issue in the Meet "The Swappers" section.


More trades are coming! Check back regularly.

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