News Room

This is the News Room!

The News Room serves two very important purposes:

Purpose #1

To help anyone from the media to find out more about me. Below you find any Press Releases that I have sent out. Please feel free to download it and use the information as needed. Please note that I have redacted my phone number. Should you need to contact me, please do it via email. Thank you.

8/11/2009- Press Release sent out via,, and
For PDF document click here: PressRlsSwapstart.pdf

8/11/2009- Press Release sent out via,, and
For PDF document click here: PressRlsSwapstart2.pdf

Purpose #2

To help you find out more about me and about what I am doing, I am including any articles or interviews in this area as well.

8/15/2009 & 8/18/2009- The same article appeared in the Loveland Connection newspaper (Loveland, CO) and the Coloradoan newspaper (Fort Collins, CO). I was able to capture the online version. Please note that even though it looks like a web page, it is a static image.

For the Coloradoan online article click here:

Coloradoan Article

4/7/2010- I was on the business hour of FOX's internet show The Strategy Room! I was able to talk about my trading National Geographic magazines for Bigger & Better things. It went very well and I got some great advice from the "Angelpreneurs". "Beauty and Brains" giving me worthwhile advice on how best to spread the word on what I am doing! Here is the link to the interview:

The Strategy Room!.

6/3/10: Randy: Finally! I did an interview with Channel 4 back in January that was supposed to shortly there after, but due to unforeseen circumstances, it was delayed. I am so happy to report that it has hit the airwaves! If you missed it, here is a link to it:

Randy being interviewed on News 4.

6/7/10: Randy: Had my first radio interview this morning. It was with Woody Vincent and Tom Chenault of Business for Breakfast on KRCN 1060 in Longmont. Tom contacted me after hearing about my story the previous week. Here is the radio segment from the previous week:

6/4/2010 Business for Breakfast News Segment

Aftering hearing the News Segment, it was suggested that they get me on the show. Here is that interview:

6/7/2010 Business for Breakfast Interview Segment

I had a great time talking with them and I hope to talk with them again as I progress in my trading.

Disclaimer: Other than owning decades of National Geographic magazines, I am not affiliated or associated with the National Geographic organization in any way, shape, or form. I have not been paid any compensation by the National Geographic organization for my endorsement or this web site. However, in my opinion, National Geographic is an incredible educational organization and they deserve your support. Please visit them at: